About Us

Members meet every first Saturday and every Third Sunday of each month from 11H00 till 16H00.

We are driven by the passion for modelling and sharing with others, who find creativity with today’s available technology, for High Speed electric boats, and surpass records set by those previously driven by noisy internal combustion engines.

Steam engines, both stationery and for boats are also part of some members collection.

Submarines always attract interest and mystery of the unknown and unseen.

Members of the club share their interests with others who enquire or just sit back and enjoy the beauty of boats on the water.

The club offers members use of the facilities who want to test their latest build or just want to get away from it all for a while. Interaction between members to share or swop ideas and techniques is always encouraged, as with trading.

Members get together on the First Saturday of each month to participate in work parties (bi monthly) for maintenance of our facility, after the work is done & dusted, we again put boats on the water and just chill.

Bi-monthly Saturday work parties start at 09H00 & general sailing from 11H00.

We support the Centurion Society of Model Engineers who are open to the public every third Sunday of the month when all are welcome.

Sailing Times from:       11:00 till 15:00

Primarily, we are a social club and promote interaction between members, competitive racing or sailing between members is always enjoyed.

We also do the occasional Night Sail (weather permitting) where the miniature lights on the boats reflect across the water.