History of the Club

Situated within the quiet and tranquil grounds of the Centurion Society of Model Engineers, the Club, originally founded as the Centurion Scale Ship Modelers, now accommodates models of all kinds.

Members of the club have created unique facilities unsurpassed by any other model boating club in South Africa, encompassing the very essence of family entertainment, where all can socially enjoy the sailing of model boats.

Over the years, innovative ideas and the variety thereof, of boats built by members, has created a collection of electric powered tugs, fishing vessels & war ships, including submarines and numerous other recreational vessels.

All boats are radio controlled, giving captains the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying steering their craft around the pond.

Members of the club take pleasure in sharing their ideas with others and the public who come to admire the models.

The club offers members unlimited use of the facilities where they may test their latest creations or just to take time out.

Model yachts are always attractive as they move silently and gracefully across the water.